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US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object 40,000 feet high

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Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani host reception party in Delhi

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Zomato CEO opens for 800 positions on LinkedIn

Vivid News 24: As thousands of workers are shocked by IT layoffs, food tech juggernaut Zomato has asked people to apply for more than 800 available positions within the company. The shift comes exactly two months after the company fired around 3% of its employees for poor performance. Zomato has had several high-level departures in the last year, including the resignation of two co-founders.

“There are about 800 unfilled positions in these five categories at Zomato. Co-founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal stated on LinkedIn: “Please tag them on this post if you happen to know someone who would be excellent in any of these professions.

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He requested that anyone interested in finding out more information about any of these roles email him at [email protected]. The advertisement also included pictures of the job descriptions and requirements for each of the five professions. Concerning “certainty against layoffs,” “Goyal gave a somewhat evasive response to a LinkedIn user. “There is never.”

Earlier on Monday, the company had disputed rumors that it was ending its 10-minute food delivery service. The food aggregator stated that Instant was changing its name and working on a new menu. According to Zomato, all of its finishing stations are still in use, and the decision had no negative effects on anyone.

A few days had gone by since co-founder and CTO Gunjan Patidar announced his departure. One of the original few employees of Zomato, the company acknowledged his contributions to building the organization’s main technological infrastructure in a regulatory filing. The January 3 revision, however, left off a sentence describing the reasons for his resignation.

Earlier than this, another co-founder Mohit Gupta had departed in November of the previous year. In 2020, Gupta—who had joined Zomato four and a half years earlier—was promoted from CEO of the company’s meal delivery division to co-founder.

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