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YouTube Videos: 17 lakh videos banned!

Vivid News 24: India-specific YouTube censors 17 lakh videos for breaking the regulations this video streaming service recently released its third-quarter report. According to reports, between July and September of this year, 56 million videos were erased globally from Google’s video streaming service.

17 lakh of these videos are from India. More than 94 percent of YouTube’s videos, according to its Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, were found by machines rather than people. In the report, YouTube said 36 percent of the videos the machine detected were deleted from its servers before anyone could see them. 

31 percent of videos are deleted before less than 10 views. 67 percent of the total deleted videos were deleted before 10 people watched them. At the same time, YouTube canceled 5 million channels for not following the platform’s terms of use.

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Most of these videos have been deleted by YouTube for not complying with the company’s spam policy. False information was used in the metadata of some videos. Also saw fake thumbnails and fraudulent content. 

In some cases, spam was also seen in the comments below the video. YouTube said YouTube deleted 72.8 million comments in the third quarter of 2022. All of these are spam. Meanwhile, YouTube Music and Premium have crossed 8 crore subscribers worldwide. 

This includes trial users as well. Last year, YouTube reported that the number of subscribers was 5 crore. In other words, the popular video streaming platform got 3 crores, of new subscribers. A top company official said YouTube has become a double-engine platform for revenue due to premium subscriptions and ad serving.

According to YouTube, there are several reasons behind the huge increase in the number of subscribers. YouTube is now being chosen by many as their primary source of income. 

In this situation, YouTubers may face problems due to the banning of this huge amount of videos and channels. But the organization has stated in strict terms that any violation of the rules will result in the deletion of the relevant video channel or comment from the platform.

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