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World’s population will reach 800 million this November

Vivid News 24: The world’s population is growing every day. Experts worry that things could get worse if the situation is not controlled right away. Concerned about this population growth, the UN raised the alarm. On November 15, the world’s population will hit 8 billion, according to reports.

Regional differences are expected to rise in the coming days along with this population expansion, according to the UN. The United Nations Population Division estimates that the world population will reach the 8 billion milestones on November 15. According to the data published by the United Nations, the world population in 1950 was 2.5 billion. By mid-November 2022, this population has nearly tripled.

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After world population growth peaked in the 1960s, that growth slowed dramatically, said Rachel Snow, head of the United Nations Population Division. According to the data, the highest population growth rate from 1962 to 1965 was 2.1 percent. But after 2020 it fell below 1 percent. By 2050, Snow indicated that the rate would drop below 0.5 percent.

The United Nations Population Division also reported that the population could increase by about 8.5 billion in 2030 due to increased life expectancy as well as childbearing. The population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion in 2050 and about 10.4 billion in 2080. According to the US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the global population will peak by 2064. But they claimed that it will never reach 10 billion. According to a study, the population will drop to 8.8 billion by 2100.

Meanwhile, by 2025, a UN committee believes that global fertility decline will also slow down. The average fertility rate in 2021 was claimed to be 2.3 percent. In 2050 it will decrease to 2.1. As the average life expectancy increases, this is thought to be the reason for population growth worldwide. 

The average life expectancy in the world in 2019 was 72.8. Which is 9 years more than in 1990. The United Nations Committee has predicted that the average life expectancy will be 77.2 years in 2050. It also said that the proportion of people with an average life expectancy of 65 years will increase from 10 percent in 2022 to 16 percent in 2050.

The United Nations has also reported that by 2050, more than half of the world’s population will be in 8 countries, including India and Pakistan. India is predicted to surpass China in population during this period.

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