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Why were the dates for the assembly elections in Gujarat not announced?

Vivid News 24: Gujarat Politics: Election Commission has announced the polling day in Himachal Pradesh. However, no announcement has yet been made on the date of the Gujarat Assembly elections. Five years ago, election results were declared simultaneously in two states. Now again, why the announcement of a separate polling day? A section of the opposition has already started raising questions regarding this.

Many people complain that the government wants to inaugurate some more projects in Modi-Shah’s state on the pretext of votes. Only then will Election Day be announced after the work is completed. However, the Election Commission does not accept this complaint. He has made it clear that the terms of both assemblies are expiring at different times. As a result, they will announce the date of voting as per the rules. However, the debate does not stop.

Opposition parties on the announcement of polling day in Gujarat

A section of the U.S. claims that after the term of two state assemblies expires within six months, the polling day will be announced simultaneously, and the results published. The issue arises as to why the commission is not proceeding down that path in such a circumstance. The Himachal Vidhan Sabha’s term concludes on January 8. The Gujarat Legislative Assembly’s tenure comes to an end on February 18.

Rajiv Kumar, the chief election commissioner, claimed that the commission had not broken any rules in this regard. The two-state assembly’s expiration dates are separated by 40 days. To ensure that the votes of one state do not influence the other state, there may be a one-month interval between the voting in this instance.

Five years ago in 2017, separate polling days were announced in two states. There was a gap of about 12 days between the announcements of the polling day in both states. Five years ago there was a flood in Gujarat too. The opposition complained about the situation, but this time the situation is different, then why was Election Day not announced in Himachal and Gujarat (Gujarat)? They are working according to the convention of the logic of the Commission every time elections are held. No rules were violated.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar has also said that the opposition

The hill state wants to complete the voting process before the snowfall starts in Himachal. Gujarat is not subject to such limitations. In two phases, Gujarat had elections five years ago. The results of the elections of both states were declared simultaneously. The counting of votes in Himachal on November 12 will be held after about a month on December 8. Many say that the Election Commission will settle the elections in Gujarat within this period.

However, the opposition’s queries are not claiming to be stopping. He says that the Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Gujarat at the end of October. The commission did not declare a polling day to allow the inauguration of a bunch of other projects in Gujarat before the Model Election Conduct Rules came into force. A debate broke out in Gujarat before the elections.

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