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Vande Bharat Express accident once again in Gujarat

Vivid News 24: Accident again! Once again Vande Bharat Express (Vande Bharat Express) came in front of the cow! The front part of the engine of the semi-high-speed train was once again broken by the impact of the cow. After the inauguration, Vande Bharat Express clashed with cattle three times. 

On Saturday morning on its way from Mumbai to Gandhi Nagar, the cow suddenly ran in front of the speeding train near Atul in Valsad, Gujarat. The accident happened around 8:17 am. However, according to railway sources, there was no major damage. Due to the accident, the train was stuck for a while. According to railway sources, Vande Bharat Express left for its destination within fifteen minutes after the line was cleared.

The prime minister inaugurated the semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Express on the Gandhinagar – Mumbai route on September 30. After the inauguration, there was a bull-buffalo three times over this. The triangular section opened in front of the train engineer after the collision with the cow on Saturday morning. 

All Indian media claimed that the train’s water supply was also disrupted. According to railway sources, there was no damage except the front part of the driver’s room. The front of the Vande Bharat Express is specially designed so that the train does not suffer major damage if it collides with anything. The front part of semi high-speed train is a triangular cone shape. That part also opened up in Saturday’s accident.

Soon after the first accident on October 6, a monkey came in front of the Vande Bharat Express between Batwa and Maninagar stations in Gujarat on October 6. Due to the accident, the front part of the coach of the train driver came out. Vande Bharat Express cleared the rail track within ten minutes and started again. The broken parts were repaired that night.

On the evening of 7 October, at around 3:55 pm, a bull came in front of Vande Bharat Express near Anand station in the Vadodara division of Gujarat. The front part of the train opens again. However, the semi-high-speed train did not have to stop for more than ten minutes. No damage was done.

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