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US Senate passes gay bill

Vivid News 24: The US Senate passed a historic measure allowing same-sex marriage in the lower chamber of the US Congress. On Tuesday, the Senate voted on the bill. 61 persons cast votes in favor of the law there. Only 36 votes were cast against it, on the other hand.

It is noteworthy that 11 senators from the opposition Republican Party, led by former President Donald Trump, back the incumbent Democrats led by Joe Biden. The bill passed by the Senate will then be sent to the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Congress. A section of political analysts believes that the bill will be passed with the votes of the rich. 

If both chambers pass the bill, it will be sent to President Joe Biden. The President signs the bill into law. The US President reacted to this after the bill passed in the Senate on Tuesday. In his words, “Love is love that is the basic truth. Americans have the right to marry the people they love.”

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The US Supreme Court has given a landmark ruling on abortion this year. Abortion is excluded from fundamental rights. After this, concerns about same-sex marriage began to grow. A section of US citizens thought that the Supreme Court will also stop same-sex marriage this time. Political analysts believe that the passage of this bill is undoubtedly significant. 

They claim that passing this bill is a big challenge for the ruling Democrats. The mid-term elections in the United States ended this month. Trump’s party won a large number of seats in the House of Representatives. From January next year, control of the lower house will pass to the representatives. Experts claim that President Biden and his team are trying to win the hearts of the people by passing this bill before that.

James Isaacs, the director of the organization of homosexuals, opened his mouth about this after the landmark bill was passed in the US Senate on same-sex marriage. In his words, “The United States Senate has recognized a global movement.” I hope the House of Representatives will also show no hesitation in passing the bill.”

The gay movement has intensified across America over the past few years. Which is also reflected in the World Cup in Qatar. An American journalist entered the stadium wearing a rainbow T-shirt supporting same-sex marriage. But because same-sex marriage is prohibited in Qatar, the journalist was taken to the police there.

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