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Sania Mirza wants to break marriage with Shoaib!

Vivid News 24: Ayesha Omar, a Pakistani actress, is rumored to be dating well-known cricket player Shoaib Malik. He took part in a daring picture shoot with the actress Ayesha in 2021. According to Pakistani media, a love relationship started between the two people from that time. Sania Mirza, an Indian tennis player, wished to end her union with Shoaib for this reason. 

However, a section of the Pakistani media claims that there is another character in the story of this separation. It is being claimed that the cricket star is involved in multiple extramarital affairs. All but complaints though. Sania herself has not commented on the issues. Shoaib is also silent. However, it is heard in whispers that Shoaib is in a relationship with Mahira Khan, another popular actress of Pakistan.

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For the past one year, Mahira and Shoaib’s relationship has been going on in Pakistan. In fact, Shoaib and Sania were stuck in different cities during the lockdown. At that time, Pakistani cricketers used to come to Instagram live sessions occasionally. One day he also peeked on the Netpara with Mahira Khan. At that time, the two stars were talking about the current situation in Pakistan and the Coronavirus. Shoaib is seen flirting with Mahira.

Actually there was some problem with the net connection at that time. Mahira said, “We are old. So it is difficult to keep up with technology.” After hearing that, Shoaib said, “I may be old. Mahira is not old at all.” In the middle of this conversation, Mahira suddenly asked Shoaib, “Well, Sania is not watching us?” Shoaib replied, “I don’t know… but she is not my wife.” “She is the wife of all Pakistan,” Mahira said with a smile.

Shoaib Mahira then asked, “So you google about your boyfriend?” Mahira’s reply was, “We don’t date stars like Sania Mirza anymore!” Shoaib fell down laughing after hearing that. Seeing this laughter, many people frowned. But Sania commented on the Instagram Live Video that day. Her comment was, “I see everything. I hear everything.”

Incidentally, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik got married in 2010. Their son Izhaan Mirza Malik was born in 2018. The friends of the two stars are claiming that the divorce of the two is ripe now.

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