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Ration Card Benefits: Great news for ration card holders!

Vivid News 24: Currently, the government manages the ration program for the benefit of those who fall below the poverty line. Under this program, holders of ration cards receive a set quantity of rice and wheat. However, there is more good news for them this time. 

Ration card holders will get 21 kg of wheat and 14 kg of rice for free in the new government decision. But in this case, Antyodaya ration card holders will get this amount of rice and wheat. According to reports, ordinary ration card holders will get only 2 kg of wheat and 3 kg of rice. In this case, the cardholders will spend 2 rupees per kg for wheat and 3 rupees for rice.

Besides, instructions have also been given to all PDS distributors. In this case, those who have extra packets of salt, oil, and chickpeas will be provided free of cost to Antyodaya cardholders. In this case, those who come first will get the packets for free.

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This ‘Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) was launched in December 2000 for one crore poor families. The card is given to one crore poorest of BPL families covered under TPDS in AAY states. In that case Rs.3 per kg for rice and Rs.2 per kg for wheat. Initially, each family received 25 kg of food grains per month. That level has been increased to 35 kg from 1 April 2022.

Incidentally, the Center informed last month that around 2.41 crore fake ration cards have been canceled in the last 5 years. These ration cards are completely fake. No one could have guessed that these numbers are close to two and a half crore. How many fake ration cards are there across the country naturally raises questions.

State governments have also started the process of identifying and canceling fake ration cards after the central government released this information. Of course, this work has been going on continuously for a long time, but after the information from the Center, the work has gained more speed. The Uttar Pradesh government has already taken strict action against fake ration card holders.

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