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QR code on the cylinder to stop gas cylinder theft!

Vivid News 24: Today, QR codes are commonplace and can be found on buses, trains, and in stores. The LPG cylinder will now have a QR code added by the Center. In the entire country, LPG cylinders are used by almost 30 crore households. In this work, almost 70 crore cylinders are utilized. The majority of them are Indane clients.

However, there have long been claims of unlawful gas extraction from LPG cylinders. To stop this theft, The Center is bringing a new QR code. The cylinder can be easily tracked using the QR code on the LPG cylinder. This new measure by the government will increase fear among gas thieves from LPG cylinders and they will refrain from theft. As a result, common people will benefit the most. 

Because you will get full gas in the cylinder. At present, if there is less gas in a gas cylinder, it is not possible to know who has stolen it. But if there is a QR code, gas cannot be stolen from the cylinder and run away. How much gas is left in the cylinder can be easily checked by scanning this QR code. As a result, if you steal gas, you will be caught red-handed.

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By scanning the QR code of the cylinder, one can easily know how many times the cylinder has been refilled. At the same time, the information about which dealer is delivering that cylinder will be known.

Common people have been complaining about low gas in cylinders for a long time. The Center has expressed hope that the new decision of the government will reduce theft. It is known that QR codes will be added to LPG cylinders very soon. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said the project will be completed within 3 months. All new gas cylinders will have this QR code.

But apart from preventing theft, many other benefits can be obtained from this QR code. Customers can know when the cylinder has been refilled by scanning this code on the cylinder. You will also know which dealer is delivering your gas. At the same time, domestic cylinders cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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