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Photos of Lakshmi-Ganesh with Mahatma Gandhi in note, Vishal Dadlani’s ‘tough’ tweet on Kejriwal’s demand

Vivid News 24: Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, has asserted that “Lakshmi-Ganesh portraits together with Mahatma Gandhi should be on the note.” This time, well-known musician Vishal Dadlani snarled at his suggestion. Tweeted by him (Vishal Dadlani), “India’s constitution expressly states that it is a secular nation.

As a result, no administrative level should allow for the practice of religion. I want it to be obvious that I cannot support anyone who incorporates their religion into their employment with the government. Thank you.” Up until this point, Vishal Dadlani was recognized as an Aam Aadmi Party supporter. 

However, Vishal is believed to have distanced himself from AAP after Kejriwal’s (Arvind Kejriwal) note-related comments (Lakshmi On Note). However, he did not name any person or party in Thursday’s post. Instead, he expressed his opinion.

Now the question is, did Arvind Kejriwal say that Vishal Dadlani suddenly made such a comment? In a press conference on Wednesday morning, Delhi Chief Minister (Arvind Kejriwal) claimed that the picture of Lakshmi-Ganesh should be kept on the rupee to restore the economy of India (Lakshmi On Note). 

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He also appealed to the Center in this regard. According to Kejriwal, many endeavors do not succeed without the blessings of gods and goddesses. Arvind Kejriwal claimed that considering the current situation of the country’s economy, he requested to put the photo of Lakshmi-Ganesh along with Gandhi Ji in the note.

In his words, “I request to the Central Government and the Prime Minister, the Indian currency notes have the picture of Mahatma Gandhi on one side. Let the picture of Lakshmi-Ganesh be printed on the other side. Then let the blessings of Dhandevi-Siddhidata remain in the whole country. Take notes that are in the market. I am not asking to take it. I request that the notes be printed in the future should be printed in this way. It will gradually change the notes in circulation.”

However, the opposition claims that Arvind Kejriwal is trying to gain momentum before the Gujarat elections. And that is why he is dragging this ‘note issue’. Many have also termed AAP as the B-team of RSS. In this situation, the BJP leader from Maharashtra made a more sensational claim. 

He said, “PM Narendra Modi’s portrait should also be included in Indian currency notes.” Not only the Prime Minister, but this leader of Padma Shibir proposed to print money with pictures of Shivaji, Babasaheb Ambedkar, and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

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