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OnePlus will soon launch two monitors!

Vivid News 24: In December, OnePlus will release a number of new items for gamers. The Chinese corporation shared this information by posting a banner on its main website. The OnePlus Monitor X 27 and OnePlus Monitor E 24 will be released very soon, according to the business.

Following its success in the mobile industry, OnePlus has established itself in the Indian market for Smart TV. This time, the well-known BBK Group brand plans to launch gaming monitors in an unexpected move.

The design of these 2 monitors has been revealed before the launch from the official website. However, OnePlus has not said anything about whether these products are being launched for gamers. However, the company said, “There has been a game-changing moment in the game.”

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Many believe that the corporation published this one-liner in response to the introduction of the gaming display. These gaming monitors from OnePlus come with a tonne of functionality. The display on the OnePlus Monitor X 27 might be 27 inches. On the other hand, the OnePlus Monitor E 24 might have a 24-inch display.

With VESA wall mount support, either of these models can be fitted with a tabletop stand. In other words, these monitors can be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk. If you want, you should be able to use this monitor vertically, according to a picture that was posted on the website.

OnePlus Monitor: When is the launch?

On December 12, OnePlus will introduce 2 new monitors. On that day, the launch event begins at 12 o’clock. However, OnePlus has not released any information regarding the product’s unveiling from an online event. The Chinese business has already launched a unique contest to win this monitor for nothing. The winner will receive a free OnePlus Monitor X 27, according to OnePlus.

The characteristics and specifications of the new monitors, however, are not well known. Unknown is the cost. The company stated that additional details regarding the monitors will be released between December 2 and December 5. Soon, more details about the product’s features and design will be available. When these models are released for gamers, OnePlus might use high refresh rates.

Right now, gaming monitors from manufacturers like MSI, ASUS, and BenQ are affordable even for those with a budget of Rs 10,000. With OnePlus entering that market, the competition will grow more fierce.

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