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Nitin Gadkari apologizes! Sorry for not completing the road work on time

Vivid News 24: The BJP is still unhappy with Nitin Gadkari. By praising Manmohan Singh for his liberal economic policies, he stoked the fire. This time, the Union Minister expressed regret for failing to finish the road work by the deadline. He received accolades from our people as well.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, was seated on the dais while Gadkari apologized to the audience. The state government of Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur hosted a function, and the Union Minister of Road Transport spoke at it “The fact that the construction on the highway is still ongoing saddens and distresses me. I’m not hesitant to apologize.” 

The Union Road and Transport Minister also acknowledged the problems that many people are facing as the construction of the expressway is not completed within the specified time. He also said that he has spoken to the highway authorities in this regard. 

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The highway authorities have been asked to call for tenders and complete the rest of the work at the earliest. Gadkari said that instructions have been given to look into the road so that it is good. Incidentally, the Center decided to construct an expressway of about 63 km from Mandla to Barela in Madhya Pradesh to improve the road system. About 400 crore rupees were allocated for the construction of the highway.

Nitin Gadkari promised to build roads worth 6 lakh crore in Madhya Pradesh by 2024 from the event stage. Shivraj Singh Chouhan advised the government to speed up land acquisition for road construction. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari was seen praising former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at an event in Maharashtra on Tuesday. 

He said, “India needs a liberal economic policy to benefit the poor people. These financial reforms were initiated in 1991 by the then Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. By introducing liberal economics, he gave India a new path.”

Gadkari did not stop there. He also said that the financial reforms undertaken by Manmohan Singh were the reason why he was able to raise money to build roads when he was the minister of Maharashtra. Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections are ahead. From the Prime Minister to the BJP leaders and ministers, they do not leave to compare the Congress on the question of development in every meeting. Gadkari’s comments have increased BJP’s uneasiness.

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