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US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object 40,000 feet high

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Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani host reception party in Delhi

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Nepal is selling Chinese aircraft

Vivid News 24: Frequent engine problems resulted, requiring frequent repairs. Expenses are increasing. In addition, there is still a chance of flight. In such a situation, the Nepali government decided to sell 5 aircraft to China. On Saturday, Kathmandu announced that Nepal Airlines had chosen this option as a result of rising maintenance costs. Two of the five aircraft sold are MA-60s with 56 seats. 

The remaining three are Y-12 category flights. These 3 planes are propeller-driven and have 17 seats, said the Ministry of Finance of Nepal. The administration also explained the reasons behind the decision to sell the aircraft. It has been said that being a country in the lap of the Himalayas, it was becoming very risky to travel with such flights. 

Incidentally, in the past few years, there have been several planes crashes in the city of Lukla, the base camp for Everest, and the tourist resort of Pokhara. In each case, Nepal Airlines blamed bad weather as well as aircraft mechanical failure.

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On the other hand, Bangladesh is in trouble after buying a large number of weapons from China. New problems are constantly appearing in it. Maintenance costs like water. Disturbed, the Bangladesh Navy has sent a detailed report to Dhaka. Navy chiefs have sought permission to immediately scrap most of those weapons. Not only that, but they also advised depending on India for arms purchases in the future. 

Defence experts believe that this is very significant. Note that China has given 2 submarines to the Bangladesh Navy. Besides, the Bangladesh Navy is using weapons bought from Beijing on other warships. On the other hand, China is also for building a naval base Dhaka is buying a large amount of equipment from a group of Bangladesh Navy officials who have raised questions about the quality of this equipment. The question arises as to how such low-quality material has been quoted.

In the report sent to Dhaka, the Bangladesh Navy claimed that they had to face various problems after going to the middle of the sea with Chinese weapons. They complain that Beijing is not giving accurate information about these weapons. 

Due to this, there is a problem while using it. The report also claims that it is getting worse most of the time. In addition to this, Bangladesh Navy officials have also sent to Dhaka a large amount of money spent on the maintenance of warships or submarines in the last few months.

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