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Nawaz Sharif returning to Pakistan?

Vivid News 24: Nawaz Sharif, a former Pakistani prime minister, is returning to Pakistan? This rumor has given new life as a result of the current administration’s decision to hand back the confiscated passport of the previous prime minister.

Nawaz Sharif’s passport was confiscated by Imran Khan’s administration. In April last year, Bhai Shehbaz Sharif assumed the responsibility of the Prime Minister of Pakistan (Prime Minister of Pakistan) to bring back Dada Nawaz Sharif (Nawaz Sharif).

According to Pakistani media sources, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan is renewing the passport of the former Pakistani Prime Minister who is in voluntary exile in London for five years. With this renewal, the attempt of the current Prime Minister of Pakistan to bring Dada back to the country has been successful, said the Pakistani media.

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Issuance of diplomatic passports to former prime ministers is not new. This is because the law of Pakistan guarantees the right of former presidents and prime ministers to have diplomatic passports. Note that Nawaz Sharif’s passport expires in 2021. Pakistani media also reported that Nawaz Sharif, accused in several criminal cases, can come to Pakistan for the next five years. Not only can he stay in Pakistan, the former Prime Minister can also travel to other countries with the help of this passport.

According to sources, Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz went to Britain to discuss with Grandfather Nawaz Sharif a few days ago. It is said that the appointment of new army chief in Pakistan was discussed in that meeting. General Javed Bajwa’s tenure as Pakistan Army Chief will end on November 29. It is not yet clear whether the term of the army chief will be extended. Renewal of former prime minister’s passport to return to the country, among them, is considered indicative.

Incidentally, Pakistan’s anti-corruption court found Nawaz Sharif guilty in 2017 in corruption and non-compliance cases after the Panama Papers leak. As punishment, the court ordered 10 years of imprisonment for the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Nawaz also approached the Supreme Court challenging the verdict. 

But the Supreme Court upheld the verdict of the special court. In 2019, the Supreme Court of Pakistan granted Sharif’s request to go to London for four weeks for treatment. But after going to London, the head of Pakistan Muslim League did not return home.

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