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Money sent to wrong UPI account? Know how to get refund

Vivid News 24: Unified Payment Interfaces, also known as UPI, are now a common way to transfer money. The number of UPI transactions grows every month. The data and statistics are conclusive.

This transaction has become especially popular since the corona infection. Because caution was issued about giving cash from hand to hand at that time. UPI comes as an alternative to that. One more reason why UPI has become popular. That is only for mobile. No credit or debit card is required for that. 

Digital transactions are possible through multiple companies including Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm only if you have a mobile. But many times the money goes to the wrong people in haste. No need to worry in such cases. You can get your money back by following a few simple steps.

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Before that need to know what the BHIM Act says —

As per the rules of the BHIM UPI app, sending money to the wrong account is non-refundable. In that case, you have to request the concerned person to send your money back. If the other party is using the BHIM app. Hence it is very important to double-check all the information. Money transactions need to be done only after verifying all the details of the customer. In this case, there is a risk of facing huge financial losses if the transaction is not finalized.

Where to file a complaint?—

You can file a complaint against the person to whom you sent money by mistake, even if he agrees to return the money and does not do so. Make money transactions through Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and Bharat Pay to report complaints. In case of an error, complain to the support system there. BHIM App users can also report complaints by calling the toll-free number 18001201740.

Inform the bank immediately –

If the money goes to the wrong account, take a screenshot of the transaction and send it to the bank. Then contact the bank where the concerned customer has an account. Meet the bank manager if necessary. Tell him. Know that the sooner you report your complaints to the right place, the faster your chances of getting your money back will increase.

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