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US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object 40,000 feet high

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Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani host reception party in Delhi

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Massive fire in Maldives, many people including 9 Indians died

Vivid News 24: The Male, the capital of the Maldives, experienced a catastrophic fire. Burns caused at least 10 foreign workers to pass away. Indians make up 9 of the dead. The other is allegedly a Bangladeshi national. In the fire catastrophe, numerous more suffered critical injuries.

A multi-story fire reportedly started on Thursday, according to sources in the Maldives administration. After nearly 4 hours of work, the fire department of Maldives brought the fire under control. Later they removed the bodies one by one from the rooms on the upper floor of the multi-storey building. 

There is a car repair garage on the first floor of the multi-storied building. In the initial investigation, the administration claimed that the fire had spread from the garage. It should be noted that there were only foreign workers on that floor.

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However, the investigators are looking into whether there is any conspiracy behind this incident. Incidentally, currently the population of Maldives is about two and a half lakh. Almost half of them are foreigners. Most of whom are India. Went to Maldives from Bangladesh and Nepal. New Delhi also expressed concern over the death of Indian workers in the fire in Maldives.

In August of this year, a Maldivian minister was publicly stabbed to death. As soon as the video of that attack came out, the whole world was shocked. The seriously injured minister was admitted to the hospital. Later, however, he recovered. The attacker was arrested shortly after the incident. 

Incidentally, on that day, the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology of Maldives Ali Sohil was riding a bike in Hulhumale, north of the capital Male. The assailant lunged at him with a knife from the back of the road. Before realizing anything, he repeatedly stabbed Sohil with a knife. Somehow Sohil ran away from there. Later he was taken to hospital. Doctors said that Sohil was injured in his left hand.

According to Maldivian news agency sources, the accused carried out the attack while reciting verses from the Koran. At that time he had a bag on his shoulder. The accused was arrested as soon as the video came out. Maldives police claimed that the attacker had planned to stab the minister’s throat. But he was hit in the hand instead of the neck as he was interrupted during the attack.

Earlier last year, the assailants tried to kill the former president Mohamed Nasheed in Maldives by exploding. But he survived by force. Every year many Indians visit Maldives for tourism and work purposes. Diplomatic experts believe that the occurrence of such incidents in a row will increase the anxiety of New Delhi.

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