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London’s famous ringer is returning after five years, Big Ben’s bell will ring

Vivid News 24: After five years of shutdown, the wait is over. Starting on Sunday, the bell of “Big Ben” will ring once again. The history of the City of London has long been represented by the tower clock on the British Houses of Parliament. Due to wear and tear, the bell of this tower clock sometimes stopped ringing. After that the hour had to be put, it was decided. 

According to the British administration, the bell of the tower clock has been completely repaired. As a result, many Britons will hear his voice from Sunday. According to the sources, while fixing the bell of the tower clock, about a thousand of its parts have been installed again in that clock. Although there is no change in the external shape of the clock, the London administration said.

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In 2017, the Tower of London clock stopped working completely. At that time, many people gathered in front of the tower as soon as the news came out. Many Britons were left in tears as the traditional ‘Big Ben’ stopped sounding. That’s when there was a demand to revive this bell. Engineers tested the Tower Clock and Big Ben a week after the incident. At that time Big Ben rang again for only 15 minutes. But since then the clock has not rung.

Big Ben has never been closed for such a long time in its 157-year history. During these five years of repair, however, the bells of the tower clock were rung on certain days. The bell was rung after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September. 

Big Ben is also played on New Year’s Day. It should be noted that the clock of the 96 meter long Elizabeth Tower of the British Parliament has not been repaired since 1985. Dial glass, hands and tower – all repaired. Also, the bell of this clock rang even after Britain left the European Union.

The Tower of London was built in 1840. The tower was later renamed in 2012. On November 11, 1918, Big Ben was rung every 15 minutes to commemorate the victory of the First World War. World War I ended on that day in 1918. Londoners are happy to return to their previous roles.

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