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Joe Biden signed the same-sex marriage bill

Vivid News 24: Signing the same-sex marriage law is Joe Biden. It passed into law. The United States does not forbid same-sex unions. The US government made significant strides in the direction of equality. The same-sex marriage law was signed by US President Joe Biden.

He claimed in a tweet that this law will guarantee everyone’s freedom and justice. The bill allowing same-sex marriages was recently discussed in both houses of the US Congress. The bill needed the US president’s signature to become law after clearing both chambers. The bill was thereafter signed into law.

The United States no longer has any restrictions on same-sex marriage as a result. The US President tweeted on Tuesday that it was a fantastic day after the package was signed into law. America has made progress toward equal rights.

He claimed that everyone’s freedom and justice have been guaranteed by this statute, which doesn’t merely apply to a specific group of individuals. The new law, according to the US president, will provide protection against all types of hatred.

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The historic event of the bill’s signing at the White House was observed by singers Cyndi Lauper and Sam Smith. They play music. There were also a lot of people in attendance. At the signing ceremony, vice president Kamala Harris recounted conducting a same-sex wedding in San Francisco. Malala Harris The US Supreme Court made a decision in favour of same-sex marriage in 2015, but the decision was not enforceable.

Although there were still issues with this bill for the US president. Biden was put under pressure because Democrats didn’t have a majority in the US Senate’s upper house on the same-sex measure. Even Barack Obama, a former US president, expressed his ire at the bill.

Biden later clarified that Obama had backed the legislation. In the end, the plan was supported by some Republican senators and passed the Senate’s upper chamber. The lower house’s Democratic majority made it easy to enact the legislation.

Following his election as US President, Joe Biden pushed for same-sex marriage to be recognized as legal. In an interview with American television, he clarified his viewpoint. At that point, the Biden administration started pursuing legislation.

The Supreme Court of that nation restricted American women’s access to abortion in June of this year. Outrage was caused when the court removed this long-standing prerogative. In opposition to the court’s order, several US human rights organizations joined together. The same-sex marriage bill caused many with free spirits to be terrified of it. On December 13, all worries vanished.

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