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Janhvi Kapoor was seen in a festive mood with her ex-boyfriend!

Vivid News 24: Is a good relationship with ex-lovers who have forgotten all the old sorrows in the light of light? Or Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor posed in front of the camera with just a courtesy call at the Diwali party. The actress was snapped by the paparazzi with her ex-boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya at the Diwali party at Krishan Kumar’s house on Sunday. 

As soon as that picture went viral on social media, netizens commented that the relationship with Shikhar’s ex-boyfriend Shikhar was broken. As soon as that rage was over, gorgeous Janhvi was caught on camera at the Diwali party with other exes of Janhvi’s life. Once upon a time inside the industry, it was heard that Orhan Awatramani was in love with Milli on the silver screen.

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Janhvi shared pictures of the Diwali party on social media on Tuesday. There, at Sonam Kapoor’s Diwali party, the actress turned heads in a rose gold lehenga with her entire family. The real surprise is in the second part of the Diwali party. Janhvi poses with ex-boyfriend Orhan dressed in a Simari silver saree. 

It should be noted that Sridevi’s daughter was captured by the paparazzi along with her friends from the industry. Janhvi shared the picture and wrote, Milli ki Diwali. Orhan wrote in the comment, I miss you. With crying emoji. After that, Janhvi’s old love affair in B town was very intense. Janhvi also spent quality time with Sara Ali Khan, Karan Johar, and Ananya Pandey at Amritpal Singh’s Diwali party.

Apart from taking pictures with Orhan, Janhvi was also caught by the parade’s lens with another rumored boyfriend Akshat Rajan at the Diwali party. As soon as the picture with childhood friend and beloved lover came out, netizens commented, is the old rice growing into rice? 

Janhvi grabbed the limelight once again by posing in front of the paparazzi with Orhan and Akshat Rajan, one after the other after being snapped with former Maharashtra Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Sindhe’s grandson Shikhar at Krishan Kumar’s Diwali party on Sunday. A few days ago, in the latest photoshoot of Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor, a red mark was noticed under the hand.

Netizens claim that it is a love bite on the body of the actress. Milli aka Janhvi Kapoor of the silver screen could not cover the love spots even with makeup. Janhvi’s red marks on social media continued to be mocked on the net. Janhvi’s personal life is now the talk of the town after she was caught with her exes at the Diwali party.

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