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Jacqueline Fernandez’s lawyer responds to Nora Fatehi’s defamation allegation

Vivid News 24: The day after Jacqueline Fernandez was accused of defaming Nora Fatehi, the actress’ attorney addressed the matter and said that Jacqueline never said anything negative about Nora.

Jacqueline’s attorney Prashant Patil stated in an interview that his client had never spoken negatively against Nora or anybody else in front of the media. Her deliberate silence on the Enforcement Directorate proceedings is apparent.

She has upheld the rule of law throughout, and while the case is still pending, she has steadfastly refrained from speaking to the press or on social media. Having said that, we haven’t gotten a copy of Nora’s lawsuit that has been officially filed. We will respond lawfully if we have official confirmation or an order from the Honorable Court.

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Additionally, he stated that although his client has the deepest regard for Nora, Jacqueline will take legal action to uphold her dignity. “My client regards Nora with the utmost respect. There has undoubtedly been some type of misunderstanding. My client has no desire to disparage Nora or anyone else, for that matter. Jacqueline will respond legally to defend her dignity if she is brought before a court.

Jacqueline was accused of defaming Nora by “unfairly dragging” her name into the Rs 200 crore extortion case involving “conman” Sukesh Chandrasekhar. On Monday, Nora filed a criminal complaint against Jacqueline before a Delhi court.

According to PTI, Fatehi also named 15 media outlets as defendants in her complaint, which is scheduled to be heard on December 19. The complainant’s wife, Leena Maria Paul, forced her to talk to Chandrasekhar only once, through a loudspeaker, at the Chennai event to which Leena had invited the complaint. Leena gave the complaint an iPhone and a Gucci purse at the occasion.

The complaint said that the complainant never got any gifts from Chandrashekar. Additionally, Fatehi denied receiving a fancy car from Chandrasekhar and claimed Bobby Khan, her brother-in-law, whom Chandrasekhar had recruited for a movie directing gig, received a portion of the payment.

The complaint stated that the allegation made by Fernandez and the subsequent publication of the same by the accused media companies were inaccurate because the complainant had never even spoken to Chandrasekhar, much less met him.

Jacqueline Fernandez received regular bail from the court on November 15. In the supplemental charge sheet submitted by the enforcement directorate, she was listed as an accused.

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