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iPhone, iPad users may be at risk, update now

Vivid News 24: Apple has consistently insisted that nothing else matters and that the security of its consumers’ data is its top priority. Finding a potential security problem with an Apple device is uncommon. The IT giant also continuously releases upgrades with improved security features to protect the data of its consumers. However, there’s a significant risk that your iPhone or iPad could be in serious danger if it’s older and hasn’t had an update in a while.

CERT-In issues warning for iOS users

Indian Computer Response Team (CERT-In), India’s national cybersecurity organization, has issued a warning for all iPhone owners about an iOS vulnerability that might give hackers access to the device. The warning states that the flaw “may let an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the targeted machine.”

The vulnerability comes as a result of a misinterpretation flaw in the WebKit component, which hackers can use to deceive users into accessing risky websites.

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Apple devices on target of hackers

The Apple devices that are most vulnerable to these flaws are those that are on an older version of iOS than 12.5.7. iPod touch, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus are among them (6th generation). Hackers are focusing on and taking advantage of a vulnerability in iOS versions prior to iOS 15.1 according to CERT-In.

How can users stay protected?

In order to protect themselves against hackers, users should update their gadgets as soon as possible. Apple has just released a security update for iOS 12.5.7, which is easy to install on your device. On January 23, the patch was made available. Processing maliciously designed online content could result in arbitrary code execution, Apple warned at the time of the patch’s release. Apple is aware of a claim that iOS versions earlier than iOS 15.1 may have been actively targeted by this vulnerability.

How to update your device

All devices can be updated by going to the General tab on the settings menu. Then select Download and Install Update under the Software Update tab. Remove any sensitive information from your phones and iPads as soon as possible if you are unable to upgrade your device for some reason, such as images, passwords, or net banking information.

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