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India vs Bangladesh: ‘They want to send India to semi-finals’, Afridi says ‘ICC cheat’

Vivid News 24: India won by 5 runs against Bangladesh. The road to the semi-finals is clear. All kinds of ammo were stored in this match in the hadda haddi match. The controversy was not reduced in the rain-interrupted match. Starting from fake throws to forcefully bringing down the Bangladeshi players, the allegations are multiple. 

In this situation, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has announced to the complaint with the ICC. Not sure if that will happen or not. In this situation, the voice of Bangladeshi supporters was heard in Pakistan’s voice as well. 

Bangladesh and Pakistan are supporting each other in the World Cup. Sometimes openly and sometimes secretly they are supporting. Because in the hands of India, both teams benefit. This time, former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi entered the controversy.

In the first problem of the match, Virat Kohli claimed a wide to the umpire with a shot. Shakib objected to that. Then Kohli was charged with a fake throw. Nurul Hasan complained about this. After the rains, Bangladesh was allegedly forced down.

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Shahid Afridi sat down to analyze this issue. He gave an interview with a Pakistani channel and attacked the ICC. He said, ‘Shakib Al Hasan had complained. Also seen on screen. You have seen it in the field. The field was wet. But I think ICC wants to send India to the semi-final anyway. The umpire was the same as the one in the Pakistan match in the Bangladesh match. He should be given the best umpire award in the whole world.’

Then he told the match officials, ‘I know what happened. The match started right after the amount of rain that fell. Because India was under pressure, the match had to start earlier. Lytton’s batting was under pressure for India. After 6 overs we realized that Bangladesh will not lose wickets. They will win the match. If you see the whole match, you will understand that Bangladesh played great.

India made a great comeback as the match started after rain. Bangladesh kept losing wickets one after another. Rohit gives his best even on a wet pitch. Which is quite admirable. Bangladesh lags here. Bangladesh could not get out of the match under pressure. Resulting in India’s win and moving closer to the semi-finals.

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