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‘I don’t want any treatment, I will just die…Sanjay Dutt opens up about his cancer diagnosis

Vivid News 24: When Sanjay Dutt was still in his 50s, a biopic was made on him because of his extraordinary life. The actor has recently had to deal with a new obstacle after receiving a lung cancer diagnosis. In August 2020, Sanjay Dutt received a stage-4 lung cancer diagnosis.

At a recent event where he was speaking to an audience alongside his doctor Dr. Sewanti Limaye, the actor opened up about his diagnosis and rehabilitation. The actor claimed that after getting the news, his initial thought was that he didn’t want treatment. He claims in a video posted by ETimes that he was given pills and hot water bottles to alleviate a backache until one day when he was unable to breathe.

I was escorted to the hospital, but the problem was that I didn’t get the cancer news adequately. No one was near me at the time, not my wife, my family, or my sisters. I was alone myself when a man unexpectedly approached and informed me that I had cancer.

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Sanjay Dutt claimed that the news shocked him and caused his life to flash before his eyes. “My sister Priya Dutt came to visit me while my wife was in Dubai. When you hear something like this, your entire life starts to reflect on you, that was my initial reaction.

My family has a history of cancer. Richa Sharma once said, “My mum died of pancreatic cancer, and my wife died of brain cancer.” I started by stating that I don’t want to undergo chemotherapy. Let it go. I don’t want any therapy if I’m intended to die, and I will just pass away.” ‘

Sanjay Dutt soon realized that his family was in danger of disintegrating and that he needed to stand by them. He decided to fight the illness at that point and was ultimately successful. He continued by saying that Rakesh Roshan, a director, and cancer sufferer, had recommended Dr. Sewanti Limaye to him.

Sanjay Dutt, according to Dr. Sewanti Limaye, refused to allow cancer to impair his mental health. He would spend two hours on the treadmill and even provide images of the dashboard, the doctor continued, demonstrating that he continued to exercise while receiving chemotherapy.

Sanjay Dutt said he was sharing his experience to benefit others. “There are various reasons why people don’t want to make it public. But I decided to talk about it, at the expense of my career, to support those in need, he said.

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