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Himachal Pradesh’s new CM cancels all redeployments, extensions of the previous government

Vivid News 24: Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, made numerous significant statements today, including ending the VIP culture at Himachal Bhawan and delaying several appointments made by the previous BJP administration.

The old pension plan would be reinstated, according to Sukhu, during the first cabinet meeting. He claimed that the Congress government has planned to abolish the VIP treatment given to the MLAs by making rent and meal costs in the Himachal Bhawan and Himachal Sadan equal to those for regular citizens.

Commoners used to pay the full cost while MLAs used to receive the facilities at discounted prices in the past. The CM of Himachal also said that he will continue to serve on several appointments made by the BJP administration of Jairam Thakur.

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Sukhu ordered that all granted renewals or re-employments be canceled, except Government Medical Colleges. He declared that all of the previous cabinet’s decisions made since the first of April would be examined. He commanded that “all institutions for which notifications for creation or upgrading have been issued, be de-notified.”

The chief minister further ordered the immediate termination of all appointments made by the previous administration to the positions of chairman, and vice chairman, and nominated members in boards and corporations, cooperative institutions, and other committees, including temple committees and urban local bodies.

He ordered that, aside from those being carried out through the HP Public Service Commission and HP Subordinate Services Selection Board, all recruitment processes currently in progress in departments, boards, corporations, and autonomous bodies of the State Government, including public universities, be kept inactive with immediate effect. The status quo for those transfer orders that haven’t been carried out was also ordered by CM Sukhu.

This suggests that the new chief minister has suspicions about possible mismanagement in the hiring and appointing decisions made by the previous BJP administration and that all such orders will now only be effective after passing the inspection test of the current administration. Sukhu stated earlier today that all MLAs, the Deputy CM, and top party members would strive for the welfare of the state.

According to the chief minister, the Himachal Pradesh ministry would soon be enlarged after consulting with the Congress high command and will start working on putting its first Cabinet meeting’s pre-election promises into practice.

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