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Good news for government employees! DA will increase soon

Vivid News 24: The Center will raise the dearness allowance (Dearness Allowance or DA) once more after raising it by 4% in September. Sources claim that a preliminary judgment has been made in this regard. Therefore, if it is implemented, it will be huge for workers in the central government!

Because, according to reports, DA could be raised this time by 3-5%. It is anticipated to go into effect in March 2023. However, the dearness allowance (DA) as well as the dearness relief (DR) for retired personnel have both been raised at the same amount.

The government workers assert that they still owe them for 18 months of dearness allowance. The Center has not provided any specific information regarding the delivery date to the staff. But rumour has it that the Union Cabinet will soon meet to discuss the ongoing Dearness Allowance, or DA, issue. There will be a decision made.

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The Center increased DA and DR by 4% prior to Diwali in September of last year. As a result, 68 lakh retired employees and about 48 lakh central government workers benefited.

The wage and pension of central government employees and retirees, respectively, have climbed to 38% at this time as a result of that increase. Beginning on July 1, 2022, the new rates will be in effect. The DA had previously been extended in March.

For instance, a central government employee would receive DA of Rs. 5100 at the former rate if his income was Rs. 50,000 and his basic pay was Rs. that is 34% of the basic wage. That DA now amounts to Rs 5700, a 600 rupee rise after a 38% increase. As a result, if the concerned central government employee’s total salary is 50,000 rupees and his basic salary is 15,000 rupees, he will receive 600 rupees more in pay each month.

DA and DR are increased in accordance with the 12-month All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) average ending in the second half of June 2022. Every year on January 1st and July 1st, the DA rate is increased; however, the announcement is made in March and September.

The Union Cabinet decided in March of last year to raise DA in accordance with the Seventh Pay Commission by 3%. It thus rose to 34%. The current DA rate is 38% after an additional 4% increase later in September.

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