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US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object 40,000 feet high

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Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani host reception party in Delhi

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Foreign Minister Jaishankar replied to the journalist on the question of terrorism

Vivid News 24: S. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs (MEA), criticized Islamabad on December 15 for supporting and promoting terrorism and encouraged Pakistan to behave better and try to be a decent neighbor. He was responding to a question from a Pakistani reporter during a press conference at the UN who had accused India of aiding terrorism.

In reaction to a charge made by Pakistan’s state minister for foreign affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar, that India was using terrorists to undermine Pakistan, the MEA issued scathing remarks. Hina Rabbani Khar was Pakistan’s foreign minister when Hillary Clinton last visited the country more than ten years ago, according to Jaishankar.

It is impossible to have a snake in your backyard and expect it to solely attack your neighbor, according to Clinton, who was standing next to Khar. The MEA continued by referencing the former US Secretary of State, saying, “In the end, it will bite the people who maintain it there.”

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This time, the Pakistani journalist questioned, “How long would South Asia have to witness this terrorism spreading out of Pakistan, New Delhi, and Kabul?” “When you question the wrong minister, “How long will we do this?,” “Jaishankar added.

The world is neither ignorant nor forgetful, Jaishankar retorted with a harsh response. Regarding the length of support for terrorism, he claimed that the journalist had made a mistake in who they interviewed. The length of time Pakistan intends to engage in terrorism would be made clear by Pakistani politicians, he continued.

The MEA advised terrorist-supporting nations and organizations to “clean up your act” and attempt to be decent neighbors as the world increasingly denounces them.

Because to COVID during the past 2.5 years, many of us are currently experiencing brain fog, Jaishankar added ironically. He made a clear allusion to Pakistan’s role in supporting terrorism when he remarked, “However, the world is nevertheless aware of the people whose fingerprints are on various regional and international operations.”

By stating that it should never be required to defend activities that the rest of the world finds disagreeable, Jaishankar had launched a subliminal attack on Pakistan. It also applies to harboring Osama Bin Laden and bombing a nearby parliament; neither of these actions can be used as an excuse to make a speech before the UN Security Council, he continued.

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