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FIFA World Cup: Six goals was the way! Messi’s well-planned strategy?

Vivid News 24: Argentina found it challenging to get to the round of 16 of the World Cup after losing to Saudi Arabia in the opening game. To maintain its ambition, Argentina had no choice but to defeat Mexico. Lionel Messi was idolized by the Argentine people. To keep the team’s hope alive, he had to excel. Messi excels when his team most needs him to. 

After a goalless first half, he scored a beautiful goal from outside the penalty box in the second half to give the team a 1–0 lead. With this great goal, Messi has won a lot of praise from the fans of the world. The artist of this goal of Messi is Angel Di Maria. Credit must go to him for assisting Messi’s incredible goal. Messi’s technique for this stunning goal was already developed. Di Maria leaked that secret information.

Speaking openly about Messi’s goal, Di Maria said his delivery to Messi was a ‘turd’. But he made great use of it, which he always does. In Di Maria’s words, ‘Messi and I spoke a minute before that goal. Messi said Mexico’s defenders were dropping too low, narrowing the space inside. The front of their defence will be exposed. 

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Told me to give the ball to that place. I was waiting for this moment. As soon as the moment came, I gave the ball to Messi. Scored a great goal from that ball. I have no words to describe that goal. I got the opportunity to play with the best players in the world at the club level. 14 years in the national team. Leo is everything to me.’

Di Maria also said, ‘Messi himself found defensive weaknesses in Mexico’s plans. Others were also asked to give him the ball to score at a specific place and in a suitable situation. When that situation comes, the ball goes into the net. I gave him the ball, but Messi found the solution. 

The most important thing is that the ball reached Messi. The Argentina camp knew that the match against Mexico would not be easy. Di Maria claims that he had planned it like that. “We knew the first 45 minutes would be very difficult,” he said.

Mexico knew they would benefit from a draw with us. Because their last game is against Saudi Arabia. They can win against Saudi. That’s what they were playing for. Enzo Fernandez made it 2-0 after Messi opened the door to the goal.

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