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“… Feel Free To Work From Home Today” Sundar Pichai Justifies Layoffs

Vivid News 24: Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has asked the employee to work from home while processing the heartbreaking news of the layoffs. Pichai told the staff via email on Friday that the company would be eliminating 12,000 positions. The procedure will take longer in other countries due to local news and customs, and the staff in the US have already been told of the layoffs.

The harmed staff have also received gratitude from Google CEO for their work. It’s difficult to process the news of layoffs. Even if you are unaffected, hearing about other people losing their employment might nevertheless hurt your mental health. In his email to the staff, Pichai urged them to look after themselves. As you process this upsetting news, kindly take care of yourself “said Pichai.”

As part of it, feel free to work from home today if you have just begun your workday. He said, “I take full responsibility for the decisions that lead us here. The fact that these changes will have an impact on Googlers’ lives weighs heavily on me.

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The impacted employees will get severance compensation from Google. Pichai stated that the affected workers would get paid for the whole minimum 60-day notice period. Additionally, the business revealed that it offers a severance payment that starts at 16 weeks of income plus two weeks for each consecutive year spent working for Google, as well as an acceleration of at least 16 weeks of GSU vesting.

The employees will also receive incentives for 2022 and any unused vacation time. In addition, Google has promised the impacted individuals six months of medical treatment, assistance in finding a job, and immigration support. Pichai stated in his email that he will hold a town hall meeting with staff to discuss the company’s future after letting go of 12,000 workers. Monday is when the town hall will be organized.

In a related development, Google intends to make significant investments in AI products as a result of the danger posed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI Chatbot. The chatbot’s cutting-edge technology and intuitive design have the potential to displace Google. “We’re about to share some completely new experiences with users, developers, and companies alike. We have a significant opportunity with AI across all of our products, and we’re ready to approach it bravely and responsibly, said Pichai.

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