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Dubai Fun Ambani! Within 10 months he bought another villa for 1350 crores

Vivid News 24: Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani bought another property in Dubai. Just a few days ago it came to light, he bought a villa in Dubai for Rs 460 crore. This time he surpassed his record once again. According to reports, Mukesh Ambani bought his second property in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah Beach for Rs 1350 crore. Which is worth 163 million dollars in dollar terms.

According to an unnamed source, Ambani bought this huge luxury villa from the Kuwaiti billionaire Mohammad Alshair family. Alshaya is the chairman of the Alshaya group of companies.

Just a few months ago, Mukesh Ambani bought his first luxury bungalow in Dubai. Reliance Karndhar bought the most expensive house in Dubai by spending 80 million dollars i.e. about 640 crore rupees.

According to media reports, he bought the property for his younger son Anant Ambani. Superstars like Shah Rukh Khan and David Beckham were neighbors of his villa. And this time, an Indian businessman bought another huge villa on the same beach.

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What is in this villa?

According to sources, Ambani’s newly purchased villa has 8 luxurious bedrooms, a gym, a cinema hall, a 15-car basement, and an indoor-outdoor pool. According to reports, never before has such a large contract been signed for the purchase of a house or villa in Jumeirah Beach. As of last year, Ambani spent a total of Rs 2000 crores to buy two villas.

According to the report, 80 percent of the total residents of the UAE are foreigners. They spent a lot of money and bought houses in this country. As a result, the economy there has strengthened. Indians are not far behind when it comes to buying houses in Dubai.

Ambani is buying property abroad

Incidentally, for the past several days, Mukesh Ambani has been looking at buying property abroad. Last year, he bought the iconic UK country club Stoke Park for $79 million. Besides, Ambani recently opened his ‘family office’ in Singapore. Although this office is not operational yet. However, it is believed that the office of Ambani in Singapore will be operational within the next 10 to 12 months.

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