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Delhi Pandav Nagar Murder: 10 pieces of the dead body kept in fridge after murder

Vivid News 24: Sensational information is constantly emerging in the husband’s attempted murder and kidnapping case in Pandav Nagar, East Delhi. Although the man’s wife first claimed that he was killed because of an extramarital affair, another hypothesis has now arisen. 

The police claimed that the deceased’s wife told during the interrogation that this murder was due to bad behavior with the child. While the investigation into the brutal murder of Shraddha Walkar is going on, this incident in Pandav Nagar created a stir as soon as it came to light. 

According to police sources, like Shraddha Walker, Anjan Das, a resident of East Delhi’s Pandav Nagar, was killed by his wife Poonam Das, and son Deepak Das last May. After the murder, Poonam told the police that Anjan’s body was cut into 10 pieces. The pieces were kept in the fridge before being thrown away, he said.

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According to police, Poonam and her son Deepak Das was killed because of extramarital affairs with multiple women. First Anjan was given sleeping pills. The police claimed that the interrogators said that the throat tube was cut and killed. Meanwhile, Anjan’s wife Poonam told a media outlet that her husband used to treat their son very badly. She also accused the deceased husband of child molestation. Poonam claims that Deepak killed Anjan.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police DCP Crime Amit Goyal said Poonam was married to another man before marrying Anjan in 2017. In 2016, their first husband Kallu died. Kallu was Deepak’s father. During the cross-examination, the accused claimed that Anjan had a ‘curious eye’ on Deepak’s wife. That’s why Deepak admitted during the interrogation that he killed his stepfather along with his mother. 

On May 30, police recovered Anjan’s body from a drain in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan and Pandav Nagar. The detectives first collected CCTV footage of the area during the investigation. Based on that footage, Poonam and Deepak were arrested after about six months. Detectives also said that the body was dismembered with a knife after the murder.

The incident of Pandav Nagar in Delhi is strangely similar to the murder of a young woman named Shraddha Walker in Delhi’s Chhatarpur on May 18. Both incidents took place last May. In both cases, the body was first placed in a freezer after the murder. The body was then dismembered and scattered elsewhere to destroy evidence. However, the Delhi Crime Branch has claimed that there is no link between the two incidents.

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