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US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object 40,000 feet high

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Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani host reception party in Delhi

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Delhi Murder Case: In 35 pieces of lover, the accused felt progress

Vivid News 24: Sensational details about the murder of Shraddha in Delhi keep coming to light. Aftab Ameen Poonawala, a young man, is charged with slicing his lover into 35 pieces. He almost dismembered the body of his lover, according to the police’s initial findings, so it doesn’t end here. 

Investigators are also looking into whether 29-year-old Aftab had a ‘mental disorder’. But, Aftab was a feminist who chopped the body of her lover into 35 pieces! Not only that, but he would be angry even if he saw the tree cut! Several new aspects of this young man are emerging on social media.

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Feminist Aftab was accused of murdering her lover?

Aftab’s posts on social media were quite ‘free-spirited’. In 2015, he shared a post on social media against acid attacks. Acid attacks on women are not acceptable in any way, Aftab took to social media and roared. Besides, Aftab posted on social media in support of homosexuals. He used the rainbow filter on social media.

Food blogger Aftab

According to Facebook, Aftab, who has been accused of strangling his girlfriend to death, is again an environmentalist. Aftab shared a post on Facebook in 2015. Where a child stood holding a placard. There is a special message – ‘This Diwali, don’t burn your ego’. 

In 2017, this young man posted on Facebook to save Mumbai’s environment and protect its greenery. Food blogger was Aftab… The 29-year-old ran a food page on Instagram. This page had 28 thousand 500 followers. He used to post pictures of Indian and Chinese food there. Aftab deactivated this account from February 2022.

Many people are surprised by this kind of ‘open-minded’ feat of Aftab. Shraddha’s close circle claims that Shraddha was not willing to leave Aftab in any way. Sometimes they had quarrels. Shraddha wanted to build a house with Aftab, Shraddha’s close friends say. Meanwhile, Shraddha’s father has joined the demand of Aftab’s hanging.

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