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Cybercrime: Don’t give account details on phone after getting money

Vivid News 24: A woman from Baguiati got a call three days ago. The person on the other end of the phone remarked after identifying himself as a government worker. By accident, your account has been credited with all 24 months of Lakshmi Bhandar. Enter all of your ATM card information right now. 

Only the money that has been sent will be taken back. ‘Going to the inbox of the message on the mobile, the woman saw that 24 thousand rupees had entered the account 7 minutes ago. Note that Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe women get Rs 1,000 per month for Lakshmi Bhandar. The woman believed all the words of the person and gave all the information. In no time, he saw that besides 24 thousand rupees, 18 thousand rupees in his account had also been withdrawn.

That woman is not the only one. For the past few days, a group of cyber fraudsters have been fooling various people in the state in the same manner. So far, the police have come to know that the amount of money sent in most of the accounts is between 200-2200 rupees. 

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And so that no one gets a chance to withdraw the money, the group of fraudsters is calling within 5-10 minutes of depositing the money. This money is being sent in the name of various projects of the state or central government. Sources claim that several people have already filed a written complaint with the police after collecting money in this way.

Cybercrime expert Sandeep Sengupta says, ‘Cyber ​​fraudsters are always looking for new ways to fool people. Because, within a few days, their mode of operation became public. Before that many people are targeted to be fooled.’ Earlier there have been cases of fraud in the name of corona test or booster dose. Now that many people get money from the government every month, experts say that this issue has been manipulated by a group of fraudsters.

On Sunday, a post was made by the state police on Facebook to make people aware of this new trick of cheating. How people are fooled by groups of fraudsters, what can be done to protect yourself from financial loss is also mentioned. 

If you get a call like this, the police advice is to ask the caller to come and meet you at your local police station to collect the money. An officer of the state police says, ‘Because of shame, many victims of such incidents do not come to the police. Which is not true at all. If you want to stop this crime, you must go to the police.’

Follow that warning

Bank account information on the phone is not shared with anyone

Do not share OTP or CVV number

Do not click on any links that come to the phone

If more money comes to the account, contact the bank

If someone sends money and wants it back, inform the police

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