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Big blow to Nirav Modi! UK court orders to return Nirav Modi to India

Vivid News 24: Nirav Modi, a businessman in the diamond industry, will eventually return to India. The informed believe this. Because Nirav Modi’s extradition to India was ordered by the London High Court on Wednesday.

The Narendra Modi-led central government has faced criticism from the opposition several times in the Nirav Modi-Mehul Choksi case. Even, many are alleging that there is government help behind the escape of the Nirav-Mehul bill. In that context, the rejection of Nirav Modi’s appeal and the order to extradite him to India in the London High Court are being highlighted by many as a success of the central government.

But like another part, it will take some more time for this fugitive businessman to fully return to India. Because Nirav Modi can appeal to the Supreme Court of Britain against this judgment of the London High Court. That application must be made within 14 days.

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But here’s the thing. If the High Court feels that there is no overriding public interest in this, the High Court may not grant permission. But if the High Court does not agree, Nirav Modi can apply to the European Court of Human Rights. However, Nirav Modi’s legal team has not given any details about the way he will proceed.

Incidentally, Gujarat diamond businessman Nirav Modi has been accused of defrauding government banks. Allegedly, he has defrauded state-owned bank Punjab National Bank to the tune of Rs 11,000 crore. His uncle Mehul Choksi is also named in this fraud case. Mehul Choksi currently holds citizenship of Antigua and Bermuda.

The Gujarati businessman was arrested on March 14, 2019 while opening an account in a bank in London, according to reports. Since then, India has been trying to bring him back to the country. But Nirav Modi pleaded that he will not get proper justice if he returns to India. The application was being heard at the London High Court.

Even, the London High Court appointed two psychologists to deal with Nirav Modi’s mental health. Two forensic psychiatrists from Cardiff University and Oxford University recently visited Nirav Modi in a London jail. Then they told the court that Nirav Modi is deeply depressed. His suicide risk is high.

Meanwhile, ED has seized 2000 crores worth of Nirav’s property in the country so far. A couple of months ago, the Central Investigation Agency seized his property worth around 250 crore rupees in Hong Kong.

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