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Biden visits US-Mexico border

Vivid News 24: Joe Biden has allowed his government to utterly fail in the area of border regulation ever since he assumed office in 2021. Such behavior can be attributed to incompetence, disinterest, and ignorance. However, political compulsion is the main justification.

Unrestricted illegal immigration at the US-Mexico border is more of a wish than a concern for many Democratic leaders. However, Joe Biden must uphold the law and pay attention to the demands of the Border States in his capacity as president.

He is two years late, which is the only issue. Only after ignoring the problem for the previous two years has the Biden administration begun to pay attention to the instability at the US-Mexico border. President Joe Biden stopped in El Paso, Texas, which has been experiencing an extraordinary immigration crisis, on his way to Mexico City for a conference.

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There are several issues surrounding this visit. Both political parties are unhappy with the President, who is in a difficult position because of the border issue. In actuality, he hasn’t been to the border since he assumed office two years ago.

In a letter to the President, Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized him, writing, “Your visit to our southern border with Mexico today is $20 billion too little and two years too late.” In addition, he said that the president’s visit “sidesteps the thousands of irate Texas property owners whose lives have been wrecked by your border policies” and stays away from places where there is a high rate of illegal immigration.

The Biden administration has developed a plethora of policies to stop illegal immigration this month in response to accusations that it has an open-border policy. These entail a rise in the practice of accelerated removal, in which immigrants are sent home without a hearing in court.

This builds on a prior practice from the Trump administration. Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans will be targeted for deportation to Mexico under this plan. The number of persons arriving from Venezuela is said to have decreased as a result of a similar action targeted at Venezuelans in October.

Republican governors of Border States Texas and Florida have led a ferocious assault on Democrats that the Biden administration has so far been powerless to fend off. Democratic leaders, particularly those in non-border areas, think that enforcing immigration laws would be politically unpopular and inconvenient.

Because of this, the Biden administration has conveniently neglected the border for as long as it has been able to, and the newly proposed steps are being dubbed “hardline” by Democratic backers.

Presently, it appears that President Biden is making few appearances to demonstrate his concern for and commitment to working for those impacted by the immigration problem in bordering states. a piecemeal strategy. It remains to be seen how much of his policy reform will result in a practical change on the ground.

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