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Apple working on reverse wireless charging technology feature

Vivid News 24: According to 9to5Mac, Apple is still working on full reverse wireless charging for the iPhone, but it might be postponed. It was initially planned to debut alongside the iPhone 14 Pro, but it was unable to do so before the deadline. In spite of this, Apple experts are apparently still working on perfecting the software for bilateral wireless charging.

Apple iPhone Reverse Wireless Charging

The technology that makes it possible for one device to wirelessly charge another is known as bilateral or reverse wireless charging. According to FCC filings, iPhones have had the appropriate hardware for this capability since the iPhone 12 but it hasn’t been used.

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Power could be transferred from the iPhone to the MagSafe Battery Pack over a lightning cable, showcasing some of Apple’s efforts on reverse wireless charging. This battery pack was debuted alongside the iPhone 12. Apple hasn’t used the term “reverse wireless charging” however.

A new Qi wireless charging standard based on MagSafe was to be developed in partnership between Apple and the Wireless Power Consortium, it was announced in January. This partnership could help Apple advance its reverse wireless charging capabilities as well as its MagSafe and Qi technologies.

The iPhone would be able to charge any item that adheres to the Qi standard, including AirPods, if reverse wireless charging was fully supported. As a result, customers could charge their AirPods by just laying them on the iPhone’s back.

Apple Bilateral Charging is still in the development stage

Reverse wireless charging is something that Apple has more plans for, per the sources mentioned by 9to5Mac. Advanced bilateral wireless charging technology for the iPhone is still under development. Although it was intended to have complete support for this technology, it was not ready in time for the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

The function is still being developed by Apple engineers, who want to include it in a later iteration of the iPhone. The reverse wireless charging capability will be built on a special firmware that Apple is developing internally called “wireless power out.” The testing and development of the hardware for reverse wireless charging depend heavily on this firmware.

Managing the charging speed and heat dissipation between the iPhone and the second device while ensuring charging efficiency is difficult when using bilateral charging. Similar to the one used for MagSafe chargers and accessories, Apple is also creating a separate user interface for reverse wireless charging.

This will incorporate audible effects and on-screen animations to signal the beginning of the bilateral wireless charging. The reverse wireless charging functionality, according to 9to5Mac’s sources, could be postponed once more or possibly cancelled. Since the iPhone 11, this function has been under development, but it has been difficult because of worries about managing overheat and charging rates.

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