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Anushka Sharma wishes Virat Kohli his birthday in a unique way

Vivid News 24: Anushka Sharma uniquely wished Virat Kohli his birthday. The actress uploaded four funny pictures of the cricket star on Saturday. Virat’s great expression in every picture is eye-catching. The first snap was taken from under the massage table. 

Where King Kohli (Virat Kohli) is giving funny expressions with big eyes. The second picture is more interesting. Kohli was seen standing with a shopping bag in one hand and shoes in the other. His expression was worth watching! The third picture is like a selfie. Chiku’s facial expression is also funny. In the last picture, Virat is sitting with Vamika on his lap. 

He gave a funny expression to this too. Uploading these four pictures on her Instagram handle, Anushka (Anushka Sharma) wrote, “My love, today is your birthday. Naturally, I uploaded some of your best pictures today. I saw how you look from all sides. I love you in every way.”

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Virat Kohli painted ROFL and Love Emoji in that post. Seeing this post, it is clear that he is laughing like the rest. Celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports have also congratulated Virat on this day. 

Many people liked Anushka’s post. Some even commented. AB de Villiers joked, “That face!” Radhika Apte also drew ROFL and Love Emoji in that post. Meanwhile, many Bengali celebrities including Subhashree Ganguly also liked Anushka’s post.

It should be noted that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma met during an advertisement shoot. King Kohli was under a lot of pressure to meet the actress. Even in the first meeting, the cricket star told a strange joke to normalize the situation. In an interview, Virat himself said, “I wanted him to be easy in front of me. So I started making jokes. Which was a big mistake.”

What did Virat say to Anushka? According to the cricketer, “She is already very tall. She was wearing big heels. Then she said she is not tall. She is not six feet tall. I said, there were no higher heels in the store? After saying that, I realized I was wrong. “Needless to say, the couple is quite happy these days, even if the introduction is a bit strange.

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