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Amit Shah destroyed drugs worth 12 thousand crores in Gujarat

Vivid News 24: Target within 60 days! This time, more than 12,000 kg of drugs that were lying on Gujarati land were destroyed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Which has an estimated market value of more than 12,000 crore rupees. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), the main investigating organization, has confiscated drugs from various locations across the nation.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of independence, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) had planned to destroy 75,000 kg of drugs in 75 days across the country. As part of the central agency’s initiative, the Modi-Shah average of more than 12,000 kg of drugs will be destroyed, news agency ANI reported.

The news agency reported that around 12,438 kg of drugs will be destroyed in the presence of the Union Home Minister. Whose approximate market value

632.68 crores. Amit Shah will also hold a meeting in Gandhinagar on the rampage of drug trafficking. This program of drug destruction is not the first. Union Home Minister Amit Shah initiated this mission by destroying more than 31 thousand kg of drugs in Chandigarh last July. 

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40,000 kg of drugs and narcotics were destroyed in Guwahati in Shahi’s presence two weeks ago. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) claims that more than one lakh kg of drugs and narcotics have been destroyed across India so far.

Incidentally, over the past few months, the incidence of drug trafficking has increased in Gujarat, known as the middle ground between Modi and Amit Shah. Questions started to arise that Gujarat is becoming the ‘Gateway of Drugs’ of the country. 

In the last month of August, about 1 thousand 26 crores of drugs were recovered from Gujarat. A team of NCB raided Ankleshwar in Gujarat. They recovered a total of 513 kg of drugs from there. NCB officials said these were collected to be smuggled into the international market.

Not only in Gujarat, were a total of 700 kg of drugs recovered from Nala Sopara in Mumbai in the month of August. The estimated value of recovered drugs was around Tk 1,400 crore. Last September, about three tones of heroin worth Rs 19,000but a total of 700 kg of drugs were also out in Gujarat.

Although the Election Commission has not announced the exact date, the Gujarat Assembly elections are likely to be held in December. The mercury has risen in the election campaign. The opposition has already campaigned on the rampant drug gangs in Gujarat. Prior to that, the Union Home Minister’s program to destroy drugs on his own is considered to be particularly indicative.

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