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Amit Shah: AAP will not be able to open an account in Gujarat

Vivid News 24: AAP’s bid to run in the next elections in Gujarat has been rejected by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who said that the party might not even register an account. According to Shah, the BJP will win Gujarat with a record margin. 

Shah attributed the BJP’s 27-year control in the state, in part due to PM Narendra Modi’s popularity, to his time serving as the state’s chief minister and the party’s zero-appeasement policy.

“In Gujarat, the BJP will score a record triumph. People have complete faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and our party “Shah later on.

Aam Aadmi Party has thrown a strong challenge to BJP in this election. When asked about the future of AAP in Gujarat, the Union Home Minister said that every party has the right to contest elections. Which party will be accepted in the election depends on the people. However, Shah said that AAP has no place in the minds of the people of Gujarat. 

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He also told me that the account cannot be opened by Kejri’s party. Speaking of the Congress, the Union Home Minister claimed that this election does not recognise the Congress as the primary opposition party in the state. The Union Minister also slammed Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra in addition to this. This kind of struggle to be relevant in politics made him smirk.

Shah also praised the BJP’s election manifesto pledge to establish an anti-radicalization cell in Gujarat. According to the Union Home Minister, radicalization affects the entire nation, not just Gujarat. He claimed that the commission is taking national security into account. 

But the BJP’s pledge to create this commission was fiercely challenged by the opposition. It has been claimed that the Ocher campaign is attempting to influence the Gujarat election using national issues like terrorism. The Union Home Minister also addressed the opposition’s claims that the ruling party is abusing its power by using government agencies like the ED and CBI for its own purposes. 

He claims that the nation’s judicial system is impartial and independent. Shah counselled the opposition to go to court even if the investigating authorities were to misuse their authority. Along with this, the former BJP president asserted that people have faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and the progress Gujarat has made under his leadership as Chief Minister.

Shah predicted that BJP will do better this time than last time in the assembly elections. Counting of Gujarat assembly elections on December 8. The people of the country are looking at whether Amit Shah’s prediction is correct.

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