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Akshay Kumar returns as Raju in Hera Pheri 3, fans rejoice!

Vivid News 24: One of the key factors in the success of the comedy series Hera Pheri has been Akshay Kumar. Millions of people loved him because of his friendship with Paresh Rawal and Suniel Shetty and their impeccable comic timing.

Khiladi Kumar previously stated that he had rejected Hera Pheri 3 because of creative differences, but it now seems like he is changing his mind. The most recent rumors state that Firoz Nadiadwala contacted Akshay Kumar once more and got his approval to alter the screenplay.

The casting for Hera Pheri 3, which stars Kartik Aaryan, “looked to be set in stone, but the winds are once more shifting,” a source claimed. Firoz has met with Akshay Kumar multiple times over the past ten days in an effort to sort out all the problems and bring him back to the cherished franchise. He is aware of how well-known the character is and agrees that Akshay’s portrayal of the role is what elevated the character to new heights.”

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Fans filled Twitter with enthusiasm as soon as the stories started to circulate online. A user posted, “Without him, how could anyone dare to create the most well-known franchise? @akshaykumar In India’s Most Wanted comic franchise #HeraPheri3, he will return as #Raju!” “No Hera Pheri 3 without Akshay Kumar…baap baap hota hai,” said another.

While this was happening, Akshay Kumar apologized to his supporters and explained why he had declined to star in Hera Pheri 3. “It (Hera Pheri) is a part of my life and my journey,” the actor claimed. Although I am disappointed that I am not involved, I am not pleased with how things have developed, particularly the creative parts. So I simply walked away.

My admirers have my gratitude. No Raju, No Hera Pheri was a trending topic on Twitter. I am hurt just as much as they are. It’s a tragic situation. I sincerely appreciate everyone. I have a lot of admirers. Their passion for me knows no bounds. They have my apology for not performing Hera Pheri 3. Sorry.”

The presence of Kartik Aaryan in the movie has been verified, even though the producers have not yet made any public declarations. Kartik will play a significant role, according to Paresh Rawal, who confirmed this in a fan conversation on Twitter. Information about the same is still pending.

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