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US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object 40,000 feet high

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Adil Khan Durrani hits back after Rakhi Sawant’s warning!

Vivid News 24: Adil Khan Durrani responded to Rakhi Sawant’s warning by sending a message of his own. On Saturday night, he posted on Instagram to express his response to Rakhi Sawant’s accusations of adultery. He accused her of treating him badly as well.

He wrote, “I shared the message on my Instagram Stories “Doesn’t mean I’m bad if I don’t discuss a woman behind her back. I’ve only learned to respect women and my religion because of these two things “He composed. He said, “After the day I say what I am going through and what she is doing with me, she is unable to even open her mouth.

She wants to tell people that Adil is horrible, bad, and worse every day, but that is all she has to say for it. Rakhi said that Adil is dating someone else in her statement to the media. She had also said that she didn’t want to become a “fridge.” That comment of hers also elicited a response from Adil.

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Even I can say, “Based on the way she says I’ll be in the fridge, I don’t want to be Sushant Singh Rajput.” He responded to her claim that she introduced him to several celebrities and members of the media by saying, “A sensible guy like me, who stood up for her, gave her a lifestyle, and made everything simple to understand, didn’t travel to Mumbai with just one rupee. Nice escape strategy, but you’re not smart enough, “He composed.

Rakhi has urged the media to stop covering him, Adil said, since he will tell them the truth. “I can make you a hero or a zero; the media will hold your legs so they don’t go to Adil. Why? Because he will present data. Why are you concerned about that? Rakhi had told the media earlier this week, “Using you all, I want to warn the woman who used Adil’s situation while I was in Bigg Boss Marathi 4.

I won’t ask for her name, but I will share all of their pictures when the time is right. Adil made me remain silent about our marriage for eight months due to his relationship with that woman. I waited until today to talk. He initially said he wouldn’t marry us, but after pressure from the public, he decided to.” Adil cannot be allowed to leave her for his alleged lover, she declared.

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