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AAP’s poor performance in Gujarat, Himachal as predicted by exit polls, Arvind Kejriwal reacts to this

Vivid News 24: Arvind Kejriwal responded today to exit polls that predicted the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would perform horribly in Gujarat, where the party had run a massive campaign to challenge the governing BJP, then roar to victory in Delhi civic elections.

Yesterday’s exit polls as a whole forecast an AAP victory in the civic body election in Delhi but a loss in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. AAP will win eight of the 182 seats in Gujarat, far fewer than the Congress (38 with allies). The party has positioned itself as the principal alternative to the Congress in the state with a flashy and enthusiastic campaign.

The poll gave the BJP an advantage in Himachal Pradesh, where the incumbent party is predicted to win 32–34 seats. It’s interesting to note that the projected seat total for the Congress is between 30 and 32. In the 68-seat Assembly, 35 seats represent the halfway point. The AAP, however, has no presence in the state’s hilly terrain.

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AAP leaders asserted that the party will win closer to 100 seats and that the polls would be inaccurate. The Delhi Chief Minister said, “It’s a big deal for a new party to get 15 to 20 percent vote share, that too in a BJP stronghold.”

The exit polls have projected AAP to win the MCD elections and bag 149 seats in the 250-member civic council. Congress can win only eight seats, while BJP is expected to get 94 seats.

In the first election following the reunification of the municipal corporations, the poll polls predicted the AAP to win decisively in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, ending the BJP’s 15-year rule.

“I congratulate Delhi’s citizens. The exit polls revealed that Delhi’s voters have once more placed their trust in the AAP. I’m hoping for this outcome… We’ll hold off until tomorrow “Mister Kejriwal

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