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A cheap phone won’t be cheap! Price will increase after the Diwali sale

Vivid News 24: India’s Most Popular Budget Segment Phones although recent sales have slightly fallen, this time the pricing of these phones will rise. In the Indian smartphone industry, several phones priced under Rs 16,000 are expected to increase in price between October and December. By the end of this year, the cost of these inexpensive phones may increase by 5-7 percent.

According to the report, the price of the entry-level segment is going to increase due to the increase in the cost of components. The sudden increase in demand during the festive season has been attributed to the increase in the prices of parts. 

The price hike will see the price of these phones increase from Rs 16,000 to between Rs 17,000 – 20,000. Market research firm International Data Center (IDC) has published this information. At the same time, Counterpoint Research has also reported that entry-level phone prices will increase by 5-7 percent by the end of this year once the phone’s festive season sales are over in India.

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A report published in June this year said that budget phone sales in the Indian mobile market will decline in 2022. Sales in the entry-level segment fell 16 percent in the first quarter of 2022.

After the launch of 5G in the country in October, the demand for 5G phones in India has increased dramatically. Multiple reports have indicated that the demand for 5G phones will increase gradually due to the launch of 5G. Various 5G models are still on sale in the festive season sale in online and offline shopping. Apart from Amazon, and Flipkart, the sale of 5G phones has also increased manifold in the past few months in neighborhood stores.

Usually, the first week of the festive season sale is the highest number of phones. Popular brands like iPhone and Samsung also got the biggest discounts at this time this year.

However, based on this report, no statement has yet come out from the smartphone manufacturers. Many budget smartphones from different companies including Redmi, and Realme are still being bought cheaply in the Diwali sale online. 

There is no indication of how much the price of the phone may increase. With the growing popularity of 5G phones, it remains to be seen what effect the price hike of cheaper 4G phones will have on sales.

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